Improve patient care and
increase revenue

DreamClear is the turnkey home
sleep apnea testing program
that simplifies the entire process
for providers, sleep centers,
dentists, and patients.

Sleep centers can save 50%
on home sleep testing costs
and both providers and sleep
centers can easily increase
their revenue.


Operate more efficiently and
increase revenue

REMmanager software
automates the entire back
office operations for sleep
centers and dental offices.

This best value in the industry
enables operators to save up to
50% on overhead. From initials
consults and auto-scoring to
billing and payment…it’s all
managed for you.


Become healthier and live longer
through innovations

REMware is moving forward
fast to provide the sleep
industry with solutions that
streamline care so patients
can be healthier and providers
can lower costs and generate
additional revenue.

Whether for providers or
patients, REMware is bringing
end-to-end technologies for the new decade.